18-Wheeler American Pro Trucker

Oh boy, where to begin…this is a game about trucking across the country in a huge rig. Sound like fun? Well, you may be surprised as to how not fun a game can be. Read on and I’ll tell you about it.

This game is pretty much like any other racing game except you are in a big rig…oh, and don’t forget to subtract all fun. This game was entertaining to me for about 15 minutes, then I had to put down the controller for fear that my head would explode. You beat a level, pick a new thing to hull around for another race, play the occasional parking mini-game (WHOO-HOO) and that’s about it. There is also a 2-player mode and a score attack mode, which aren’t fun either. There’s not many course to choose from either which makes the game short.

This game was originally an arcade game, which was made about 4 years ago. The graphics are nothing fantastic; they do just enough to get the job done and nothing more. The landscapes are created with minimal detail and distant objects just seem to pop out of nowhere during gameplay. To me, this game seems only to be a step or two up from the Cruisin’ series on the Nintendo 64.

The controls are pretty simple, R to accelerate, L to break. It has about a 2 minute learning edge so anybody’s 5-year old kid can be entertained for about 10 minutes. The game seems a lot funnier on the arcade but just doesn’t compare when on the console. The game just doesn’t take full advantage of the Gamecube controller. Acclaim should of added some functions for the buttons that where not used.

The sound is the only thing I will commend this game on, and its not even that great. The truckers have insults they will throw at the opponent every little bit but not something funny that will make you laugh or anything. The radio is also a neat addition to the sound; there is everything from hoedown country to regular country, which can get you in the game some more.

Overall, you would be much better off renting this game or finding an old arcade and spending 2 dollars in quarters then buying this game. But, I guess if playing games that aren’t fun about driving trucks is your bag, this game is for you! If you have played the game in the arcade you probably know its very fun. The console version might seem the same way but at the end it doesn’t turn out to be as good as you thought it would be.

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