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How to Play Freecell Solitaire Game

Freecell is one of the most popular solitaire card games in the world. Like in Klondike Solitaire (a.k.a. Classic Solitaire) you’re attempting to build up 4 suit piles called the foundations from Ace to King by suit. You have 8 columns on the lower part of the game screen known as the tableau. You can move cards between the columns to build them down from King to Ace alternating colors. On the upper left of the game screen are 3 free cells. You may use these Freecell Solitaire as holding spaces for cards you need to get out of the way.


Detailed Instructions

Game Elements

  • Cards – Freecell is played with one standard deck of cards, 4 suits.
  • Tableau – The eight columns of cards. All 52 cards are initially dealt into the Tableau.
  • Free Cells – The Free Cells are 4 spaces labeled F R E E in the upper left of the game screen.
  • Foundations – The Foundations are the suit piles located in the upper right of the game screen.

Moving Cards to the Foundations

The four suit piles in the upper right of the game screen are also known as the foundations. The foundations don’t initally have a suit assigned to them, and you can place any of the Aces into any of the four foundations to start out the pile. From that point on, you will need to build that foundation up by the suit of your Ace. You may only move a single card at a time to the foundation, and you must build the foundation up, starting with the Ace (having a value of 1) to the King (having a value of 13) in order (Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King).

Moving Cards between Columns

Cards can be moved between the 8 columns (tableau) as long as the cards you are attempting to move has a value that is one less than the value on the bottom of the column you are moving the card to and is of a different color. An example of this is that a RED 3 could be moved below a BLACK 4, or a RED JACK could be placed below a BLACK QUEEN. You can move several cards at a time between two columns, as long as the set of cards you are moving are all in proper order and at the bottom of the column. To make it clear which cards are and are not available to be moved, the cards that are not available to be moved are dimmed. You can also move any card at the bottom of one of the columns to an open freecell.

Moving Cards to the Free Cells

You can move any single card from the bottom of any of the columns (tableau) to any empty freecell that appears in the top left of the game screen.

How to win

Your goal in freecell is to build up the four suit piles (foundations) located in the upper right of the game screen from Ace to King by Suit. Once you’ve placed all four Kings on their foundations, you’ve won the game.

Pyramid Solitaire Online Card Game

No doubt, it is reality that there is a child in every person. People want to play like a child if it is a card game or board game. This is likely the factor why different games have continued to develop all through the years.

Games of card are one of the best types of play invented by man. Actually, there have been many different kinds of games that have been developed for the entertainment and amusement of every person. Other card games though are used in casinos and other establishments that permit betting. There are not only for fun and betting though, but are actually mind boggling as well. Actually, there are also known as mind games.

Pyramid Solitaire

One of the most famous card games is the pyramid solitaire. Pyramid solitaire is a remarkable version of solitaire where the player needs to help the pharaoh build his pyramid. This can be performed by removing all the cards that are dealt at the starting. The player then tries to match pairs of cards that total to thirteen. Getting this done is not that easy at all. It needs precise and expertise calculations so that the players would be capable to match pairs rightly.

The players needs to deal twenty-one cards in order to begin pyramid solitaire. The cards are then arranged into six rows with an orientation resembling that of pyramid shape which begins with a single card on top. These are dealt row by row until all of the remaining twenty-seven cards are left in the deck for use later. If the cards do not match, these are dealt at the base and are matched with either the base of pyramid or inside the waste pile. Just like in any solitaire edition, as a card is removed, other cards that are behind it are opened as well.

Pyramid solitaire has become very famous to people of all ages because it can be played through internet as well. There are a lot of sites that provide this solitaire for free. What is more remarkable is that there are even online tournament games where players exactly win prizes. Additional, the fun of scaling the pyramids skillfully continues to attract people into playing this game.

Some of the top World of solitaire online sites provide the top versions of this solitaire. These sites also provide free downloads such as themes, wallpapers, and icons. Additional, these sites also provide tournament games which can be played by the players for some amazing prices. While most of these tournament cash prizes, there are also those which provide freebies.

There are a few vital techniques that should be used, so that you can remove all the cards from the pyramid. You should forever remove any Kings as soon as they are accessible. It is vital to plan several moves ahead. Work out which card pairs when removed will permit you get access to other cards.

Really, pyramid solitaire is one of the most remarkable solitaire offered online. The challenge not just lies in completing the game, but in beating the time as well.

Crazy Taxi by Nintendo Review

Crazy Taxi for Nintendo Gamecube first came from being a popular arcade game, to a popular game on Sega Dreamcast; it’s new home, Gamecube. You can pick from 4 different drivers and the object of the game is to get people where they want to go, such places like, KFC, The Original Levi’s Store, Tower Records, and much more recognizable places. If you think the game is going to be a nice normal ride, you’re wrong! You ride around crashing and bumping into buildings, people, and cars to go to your destination as fast as you possibly can, the faster, the more you get paid, and the more you get paid, the better license rating you get. Green means fast, yellow normal, and red slow, but there is a limited time to get people where they want to go, if you don’t get them there fast enough, they just leave the car. You can go for 3 minutes, 5 minutes, or the arcade time. Also, there is an extra part to the game under Crazy Box on the Main menu, you can do different things like see how far you can jump the car off a bridge and see how fast you can drive and other challenges like that. Here is how I think the game rates:

If you played this game on Dreamcast, it is similar to how you play it on Gamecube. You use the two back buttons, R to go, L to break. And to go in reverse, you press B, and then to get it back to straight press A. I like how the game works, it’s unique and goes great with the game. The only problem that I have with it, which is very minor is sometimes when you go in the reverse you have to press A more than once to get it to go back straight, and that can be annoying and consume time when every second counts in the game. It’s not major, but still has an impact.

Gamecube can power out some amazing graphics, much better than Dreamcast, but the graphics on Crazy Taxi are identical to the ones on Dreamcast, they’re not bad at all, but sometimes the backgrounds and buildings can get a bit blurry. No big problem, it still looks clean and smooth and clear. Not much bad in this category, but considering what the Cube can do, it could be a little bit better, but not bad.

The background music is awesome, it’s a mix of rock and punk rock and goes right along with the game, by the sounds of the lead singers voice, it’s the Offspring playing the music. The music is great the only minor problem is while you’re driving and you run into things people yell at you and you can’t understand what they’re saying, and sometimes they play the same song too much. Overall not bad, you won’t notice it and find yourself singing along not even realizing it.

If you’ve never played this game for a long time (like me) you play it over and over and over and not get sick of it. But come the next day, you avoid the game, the Extras are good and all, but don’t keep you entertained. Sure it’s good to play once every few days, and it’s a pretty smart buy, but don’t expect you to play it a lot unless it’s within your first 3 or 4 days of having it.

Overall: 7.5

The rating might seem low, but the game is fun, even some of my friends that don’t play games like this one. Unless you have a circle of friends that are interested in games, this is a good switch off game and compare scores. But if you’re pretty much the only one involved, rent it, hey, if you like it buy good for you. I like it, but I doubt I could play it everyday, I own it, and it’s usually that last game I play, one of those games that I play when I’m bored. But it’s very good, fast pace, the game play gets kind of old, but don’t think I’m negative about it, I like it a lot. Pretty good game here.

Aggressive Inline for the Nintendo Gamecube

With the release of Aggressive Inline for the Nintendo Gamecube, Acclaim has brought the first inline skating game to a next generation console. For starters I must say this game is very well polished, with very few annoyances and an all around great experience. If you are a big Tony Hawk fan this game will seem very familiar from the moment you pickup the controller and enter a level. This game defiantly takes its notes from the right source. Just as in Tony Hawk there are tons of different grab, flip, and grinding tricks to perform, not to mention some signature special tricks. Huge environments with almost everything grindable make this title not only fun but also very engrossing.

The menu screen is cool as hell (playing skating videos in the background), and easily navigated. Apart from career mode this game features a multiplayer, timed run, free skate, and park editor. Sorry, this game does not have a create-a-skater mode, get used to the outfits your skaters are wearing because you can’t change them. Career mode has over 12 different skaters to choose from including a schoolgirl named Chrissy whose physical physics in the game are flawless heh heh. Tutorial mode is easily breezed through, and then the skating is left up to you. The levels are huge and graphically beautiful spanning what seems like could be 8 city blocks. The controls are very tight and well designed. Pulling off grinds is as easy as jumping toward any object and pressing the Y button. Aggressive Inline also features a cess slide (revert), and a manual to have endless tricks, but the manual is surprisingly hard to execute right after a trick, which defiantly makes some of the later objectives very difficult.

Although this game seems very reminiscent of Tony Hawk the objectives and play style are completely unique and original. This game does not feature timed runs but instead a juice meter, if the meter runs out your run is over. Perform tricks and nab juice boxes to refill the meter. I really enjoy the concept of the juice meter, it allows you to try and retry objectives without worrying about time. The objectives are also laid out very differently from that of Tony Hawk. Talking to people learns challenges, and completing one task will usually unlock another. Each of the game’s seven levels are unlocked as you complete tasks in the previous level, and every level has around 15 or more challenges.

The multiplayer mode is actually one of the best features. Not only does it have the standard modes such as most points, and best trick, but also features a few more off the wall modes that you just have to try for yourself. Twenty-one is a unique way to skate against a friend in which playing cards are scattered throughout the level, and the objective of course is to get black jack. Another fun multiplayer mode is egg hunt in which you make believe it’s Easter and beat your opponent by collecting the most eggs.

The graphics and sound turn this great game into an awesome one. The frame rate is smooth with no slowdown that I have seen. The skaters are beautifully rendered, and even their clothing moves perfectly agreeing with the actions of the skater. Each level has a unique theme and sticks to it nicely without making the surroundings mundane. Just as in Tony Hawk blood sprays out when you bail out or land sideways. Which reminds me of another feature unseen in any previous skating game, which is your ability to bail from a ramp and simply land for no point value. And the soundtrack featured is excellent. New alternative mixed with old punk sets a great mood for this game. But you can’t manipulate to play list as you could in Tony Hawk 3, not a big deal though. The sound effects are top notch as well; different grinding sounds appropriately accompany the many different objects.

As I said earlier this game is very well polished and tons of fun to play. The only major drawback I found was the manual. This game could have been a lot better if this trick was as easily executed as it is in Tony Hawk 3. But aside from this Aggressive Inline is a must have for any fan of extreme sports. The play style of this game stands apart from any other extreme sports game on the market, and I vividly look forward to a sequel.

4×4 Evo 2 is Off-Road Racing Game

4×4 Evo 2 is an off-road racing game that was first made for the PS2 last year and finally made its way to the Gamecube. This may be a good thing because the Gamecube does lack games from the racing genre, especially ones with a lot of dirt. One word to describe this game is that it is “okay.” 4×4 Evo 2 is a direct port (plus 4 new tracks) from the Playstation 2. I didn’t know this at first but realized soon afterwards.

The first time I put it in my GameCube and turn on the power, I was suprised to see a line at the bottom of the screen. The game was in the process of loading in a very obvious way. It takes about 30 seconds for the loading time to end; this happens with races as well. Being a Nintendo fan, I’m not used to seeing long, drawn out loading times, but I was please to see that the presentation is pretty good once it starts to get going.

The best element that this game has to offer is the diversity of its vehicles. 4×4 has many, many vehicles available from respectable companies like Chevy, GMC, Toyota, Nissan, Lexus, and more (no Ford unfortunately). Gamers can buy trucks, jeeps, SUVs, and also various parts that improve the efficiency or appearance of their vehicles. It’s a nice suprise.

The object of the game is very simple. Be the first to finish (but make sure you pass through the checkpoints and not around them). After the race, you win money, which you use to improve your racing vehicle(s), and get ranked based on how well you performed.

The graphics aren’t half bad, not especially good though. The trucks look like trucks, the SUVs like SUVs, and so on. I could tell that 4×4 Evo 2 was an old PS2 game that doesn’t show off the power of the GameCube; however, they are decent, just a bit outdated. There are some flaws like trucks start flashing/disappearing when you get close beside them, but it doesn’t affect the gameplay.

The sound is good, when there is actually sound to hear. During the opening presentation, choosing of vehicles, after finishing a race, the music is good. During gameplay, the sound (or rather the lack there of) is totally different. There is no music. There is mainly one sound–that of your truck growling. It’s a good growling, but its old very . . . very . . . very . . . fast. I guess that’s how it is in real-life, but, please, give us a radio or something.

The controls are, again, descent. They could be tighter.

Now to gameplay, this is what bugs me about 4×4 Evo 2. It’s mediocre fun, sometimes almost non-existent. When I try to hit or push an opponent off the track, there is no crash sounds or visual impacts. The vehicles just kind of move a little bit and come back for more. There isn’t much sense of having to be competitive. This game doesn’t have any “soul” so to speak, just descent.

Making 4×4 Evo 2, an off-road racing game, was a good idea because of the shortage of games in this genre, too bad it is just an ok game. If you like off-road racing, go rent this game before you decide to buy it. You might like it. It’s a descent game that gets an ok score.

18-Wheeler American Pro Trucker

Oh boy, where to begin…this is a game about trucking across the country in a huge rig. Sound like fun? Well, you may be surprised as to how not fun a game can be. Read on and I’ll tell you about it.

This game is pretty much like any other racing game except you are in a big rig…oh, and don’t forget to subtract all fun. This game was entertaining to me for about 15 minutes, then I had to put down the controller for fear that my head would explode. You beat a level, pick a new thing to hull around for another race, play the occasional parking mini-game (WHOO-HOO) and that’s about it. There is also a 2-player mode and a score attack mode, which aren’t fun either. There’s not many course to choose from either which makes the game short.

This game was originally an arcade game, which was made about 4 years ago. The graphics are nothing fantastic; they do just enough to get the job done and nothing more. The landscapes are created with minimal detail and distant objects just seem to pop out of nowhere during gameplay. To me, this game seems only to be a step or two up from the Cruisin’ series on the Nintendo 64.

The controls are pretty simple, R to accelerate, L to break. It has about a 2 minute learning edge so anybody’s 5-year old kid can be entertained for about 10 minutes. The game seems a lot funnier on the arcade but just doesn’t compare when on the console. The game just doesn’t take full advantage of the Gamecube controller. Acclaim should of added some functions for the buttons that where not used.

The sound is the only thing I will commend this game on, and its not even that great. The truckers have insults they will throw at the opponent every little bit but not something funny that will make you laugh or anything. The radio is also a neat addition to the sound; there is everything from hoedown country to regular country, which can get you in the game some more.

Overall, you would be much better off renting this game or finding an old arcade and spending 2 dollars in quarters then buying this game. But, I guess if playing games that aren’t fun about driving trucks is your bag, this game is for you! If you have played the game in the arcade you probably know its very fun. The console version might seem the same way but at the end it doesn’t turn out to be as good as you thought it would be.