Crazy Taxi by Nintendo Review

Crazy Taxi for Nintendo Gamecube first came from being a popular arcade game, to a popular game on Sega Dreamcast; it’s new home, Gamecube. You can pick from 4 different drivers and the object of the game is to get people where they want to go, such places like, KFC, The Original Levi’s Store, Tower Records, and much more recognizable places. If you think the game is going to be a nice normal ride, you’re wrong! You ride around crashing and bumping into buildings, people, and cars to go to your destination as fast as you possibly can, the faster, the more you get paid, and the more you get paid, the better license rating you get. Green means fast, yellow normal, and red slow, but there is a limited time to get people where they want to go, if you don’t get them there fast enough, they just leave the car. You can go for 3 minutes, 5 minutes, or the arcade time. Also, there is an extra part to the game under Crazy Box on the Main menu, you can do different things like see how far you can jump the car off a bridge and see how fast you can drive and other challenges like that. Here is how I think the game rates:

If you played this game on Dreamcast, it is similar to how you play it on Gamecube. You use the two back buttons, R to go, L to break. And to go in reverse, you press B, and then to get it back to straight press A. I like how the game works, it’s unique and goes great with the game. The only problem that I have with it, which is very minor is sometimes when you go in the reverse you have to press A more than once to get it to go back straight, and that can be annoying and consume time when every second counts in the game. It’s not major, but still has an impact.

Gamecube can power out some amazing graphics, much better than Dreamcast, but the graphics on Crazy Taxi are identical to the ones on Dreamcast, they’re not bad at all, but sometimes the backgrounds and buildings can get a bit blurry. No big problem, it still looks clean and smooth and clear. Not much bad in this category, but considering what the Cube can do, it could be a little bit better, but not bad.

The background music is awesome, it’s a mix of rock and punk rock and goes right along with the game, by the sounds of the lead singers voice, it’s the Offspring playing the music. The music is great the only minor problem is while you’re driving and you run into things people yell at you and you can’t understand what they’re saying, and sometimes they play the same song too much. Overall not bad, you won’t notice it and find yourself singing along not even realizing it.

If you’ve never played this game for a long time (like me) you play it over and over and over and not get sick of it. But come the next day, you avoid the game, the Extras are good and all, but don’t keep you entertained. Sure it’s good to play once every few days, and it’s a pretty smart buy, but don’t expect you to play it a lot unless it’s within your first 3 or 4 days of having it.

Overall: 7.5

The rating might seem low, but the game is fun, even some of my friends that don’t play games like this one. Unless you have a circle of friends that are interested in games, this is a good switch off game and compare scores. But if you’re pretty much the only one involved, rent it, hey, if you like it buy good for you. I like it, but I doubt I could play it everyday, I own it, and it’s usually that last game I play, one of those games that I play when I’m bored. But it’s very good, fast pace, the game play gets kind of old, but don’t think I’m negative about it, I like it a lot. Pretty good game here.

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